Antoinette Birodi

Biordi is married happily to a mysterious husband. They have a gorgeous son. If we find more information about Biordi and her family, we will have it released. She enjoys a good life and is a mother to her son, husband and pet Dottie. Biordi has a salary of 72,266 dollars per year. According to News 12 Long Island. Salary of journalists and news reporters. Biordi's net worth can be estimated to be between $ 100k and $ 1,000,000. The majority of her earnings from working as a news anchor. Her journey began with her as an "one-man" reporter. He produced reports every day to News Center 7 Ithaca in New York. In 1998, she became the anchor and reporter of WETM located in Elmira New York. Biordi was a journalist as well as an anchor of WNYT, NBC in Albany New York in 1999. Also, he worked for FOX 23 News Albany. After 5 years of working in New York State he took an opportunity to relocate closer to home. He began as a freelance reporter for News 12 Long Island before taking on full-time work with News 12 Westchester in 2003. Antoinette Biordi has worked as a reporter since 1997 and has been an Emmy Award winner. Her family was from Long Island and born in Brooklyn. She's won Emmy Awards in her role as a reporter for News 12 Long Island. Her salary per year is $72,266 with News 12 Long Island. She was previously employed at WETM (NBC), WYNT(NBC) as well as FOX 23 News.

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