Gail and Carrie

Gail Ann O'Grady is an American actor and producer from the United States who is on television from the age of 58. Her most well-known roles include her role as Donna Abandando on the ABC drama NYPD Blue, and Helen Pryor in her role on the NBC show American Dreams. O'Grady is also her role as the main character in a number of television films. She has three times been named an Primetime Emmy Award. O'Grady was married six occasions. She filed for a protective order in the year 1995 following her break-up with her relationship with Robert Claypool, an artist. Gail said that he had stalked her, however she was not granted an order of restraining. Gail has responded to the claims with a lawsuit filed against him based on defamation, the libel and slander. Prior to her sixth wedding with John Stamatakis O'Grady, she had the birth of her first of two children. The woman is insane. Carrize Keagan...................There is a dearth of family information. Born on the 4th of July, 1980 in Los Angeles in California. Carrie Keagan was born to an ethnic white family, however she was born in America. United States. American citizenship. Her birthplace was in LA however she spent the bulk of her life in New York, Amherst. The parents of her siblings and their names haven't been revealed however, records show that she's Willie Nile's niece. In 2002, she changed her name to Carrie Keagan to Carrie Keagan. Nobody knows her name of birth. Based on her credentials and educational background she is a graduate of Buffalo State College. The early records of her education have been kept private. Carrie is a lover of animals, and she has three cats living in her house.

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