Nicky Whelan

Nicky Whelan, born 10 May 1980 in the Australian state of Victoria, is a model and actress. In Australia her name was made famous for the role Pepper Steiger that she played on the soap opera Neighbors in a total of 100 episodes between 2006-2007. Two of her projects led her to Hollywood in the form of the drama choral Hollywood & Wine in which she starred as an undiscovered Hollywood actor. After that, she landed a role in the role of Maya an extremely seductive medical student, in Scrubs' ninth season. The show abruptly ended. Then, she went on to shoot an episode of the Farrelly brothers ' comedy called Good to Shoot. It was co-starred by Jason Sudeikis as well as Owen Wilson. Thereafter the actress appeared in short series films and B-Series movies. In 2013, she started to get noticed to a wider audience. After being featured in six episodes of the crime drama Franklin and Bash and landing her first role as a regular in the webseries Chosen which starred Milo Ventimiglia, the actress landed a series of projects. The show also features her as the character of Chad Michael Murray's rebuttal in the first and the second seasons. Then, during the year after her debut, she had supporting role for a flight assistant in two fantastic feature films. She plays a pilot. However, she also shares the poster for a new TV series called Matador featuring Gabriel Luna. The first season of this action drama, where the actors play CIA agents directed by Robert Rodriguez, comprises only 13 episodes. Her pilot for a new series, however, does not work out. The poster of Borrowed Moments, a B series romantic comedy, was shared by Brian Krause in 2015. She then starred in the role of Kadi Cuoco Josh Gad Kevin Hart and Kadi Hart on the show Comedy Witness for Rent. The novel Knight of Cups, directed by Terrence Malick, was released widely. Also, she was in five episodes of the Satisfaction television show.

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